What to Buy a Latin Dancer: A Gift Guide

Latin dancers in front of Christmas tree and gifts
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Maybe it’s holiday season: Last Christmas is on the radio and everyone’s drinking mulled wine. Perhaps your favorite dancer’s birthday is coming up. Or it could just be that you want to show someone that they’re special.

But what can you buy for your dance-addicted loved ones? Worry not, because we’ve got a gift guide for Latin dancers that will help you pick out the perfect present.

Any one of these gifts will delight the salsa, bachata, and tango dancers in your life. Whether you’re looking to splash out on something for that special someone or surprise them with something small and sweet you’ll find something on this list.

Event or Workshop Tickets

There’s always a salsa workshop, online bachata festival, or tango course on a dancer’s watchlist. Surprise them with a ticket to put a smile on their face. 

Not sure which event to buy them tickets for? Ask their regular dance teachers or take a peek at what’s being advertised in local Facebook dance groups. 

Salsa dance gift vouchers for Christmas presents

Credit: Salsa Bonita

Dance Shoes 

The right shoes will help the dancer in your life spin their way across the floor with control, grace, and style. Make sure the shoes are designed for Latin dancing: a suede sole is a giveaway. 

You might be able to buy them shoes from a local dance shop. Alternatively, order online. Light in the Box and JJ’s House are affordable options, but if you’re looking for something truly special, you can splurge on Burju Shoes or Larisa London. You may also be able to buy a voucher for dance shoes.

Pair of women's Latin dance shoes

Shoe Bag or Care Kit

Looking for something a little more affordable, or simply unable to find out their shoe size? Don’t worry, you’ve still got plenty of options. A cute or practical dance shoe bag, like this Dolly Shoes bag or these from International Dance Shoes, will make any dancer smile. Shoe brushes are another nice touch.

Dance Socks

Has your favorite dancer ever complained about not being able to practice at home because of their bad floor? Show them you’re listening by gifting them Dance Socks. They will help them pivot and spin in regular shoes or on carpet without hurting their knees and ankles.

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Essential Oils 

Dance isn’t always as romantic as it sounds: after hours of practice, dancers’ hobble off the floor with aching feet. Present your dancer with essential oils or a massage kit so they’ll be equipped to deliver their fiery performances night after night.

Some essential oils are better for aching feet than others. Try peppermint, lavender, rosemary, or ginger. Alternatively, go all out with a foot spa kit or pamper kit

Foot care Christmas gift for Latin dancers

Credit: Shimmy Shoes

Private Lessons With Their Favorite Teacher

Looking for a gift that they’ll appreciate for years to come? Private lessons are one of the best presents a dancer can receive. That one-on-one attention, whether it’s in person with their regular teacher or online with a revered dance star, will be gratefully received. We recommend messaging the teacher on Facebook to organize it.

Music Subscription

Trust us, your favorite dancer can never have too much music. Buy them a Spotify Premium or Apple Music subscription and watch them dance bachata to Romeo Santo in their kitchen or kizomba their way through work.

Woman listening to Latin music

Credit: Jorge Fakhouri Filho

Dance Movies

What’s a dancer to do when there are no dance events on that day? Watch a movie! Whether it’s Salsa – The Motion Picture, Shine, or Our Last Tango, this gift will brighten up a dreary day and leave them even more in love with dance.

Books About Dance

Are they a bookworm as well as a dancer? We’ve got the perfect gift for you. Bachata: A Social History of a Dominican Popular Music, Spinning Mambo Into Salsa, or The Meaning of Tango: The Story of the Argentinian Dance will leave any dancer engrossed.

Yoga/Flexibility Classes

Dips, cambres, spins, and body rolls: chances are, your dancer friend is already trying to improve their flexibility so that they can better execute these moves. They’re particularly likely to appreciate this gift if they work on a laptop all day before going dancing at night. 

Dance & Co have several yoga kits designed for dancers, or you might prefer to look for a more focused flexibility or backbending course. 

Dancer does flexibility training in park

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Dance Wall Art

Sometimes, it’s tough to find a gift that a dancer doesn’t already have. If you’re buying for a passionate dancer who has all the gifts we’ve mentioned, think outside the dance floor. We adore ArtFixCreations’ series of salsa- and bachata-themed paintings, limited edition prints, and cards.

Alternatively, Corinne Lorrette’s Easily Distracted by Music and Dancing series is a striking choice for a stylish dancer. And ArtSalsa’s evocative wall art will transport the recipient straight to the dance floor.

Wall art Christmas gifts for Latin dancers

“I Hope You Dance” and “We’ll Dance Again” by ArtFixCreations

Dance Jewelry

Help your favorite dancer carry their love for dance around with them—on and off the dance floor. These fan-shaped earrings reminiscent of flamenco are sure to impress, while these lindy hop and charleston earrings are fun and full of character.

Dance Mugs

Got a friend who would rather be dancing? Or perhaps you know they’re daydreaming about salsa while at work? A dance mug is a quirky little gift that will show just how much you care, without breaking the bank.

I'd rather be dancing mug gift for Latin dancers

Credit: SecondStarUK

Dance Notebooks, T-Shirts, & More

Still not found the right gift? Don’t despair: there are plenty of dance-related gifts you can find, especially on marketplaces like Etsy and Zazzle. Take this cute “salsa heartbeat” notebook or this bachatero t-shirt for male bachata dancers. Your dancing loved ones are sure to appreciate how unique these gifts are.

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