10 Romantic Swing Songs That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Couple dance to a romantic swing song

East Coast swing is certainly fun, but can it be romantic? Absolutely! These 10 love songs range from sweet to passionate, and each will help you tell your loved one just what they mean to you. As they dance in your arms, these songs are sure to sweep them off their feet!  

1. “Beyond The Sea”, by Robbie Williams

This is perhaps one of the most famous swing love songs, and rightly so! It manages to keep its sweet, romantic sound without losing any of the big band swing feeling. Spin your partner out and then pull them close just as Robbie Williams sings, “And straight to her arms, I’ll go sailing.” This is guaranteed to make your lover’s heart skip a beat.

2. “L-O-V-E”, by Natalie Cole

Another classic love song, this one is brought to you in a swing version by the lovely Natalie Cole. While it is on the mellow end of the swing spectrum, it is still jazzy and fun. This simple declaration of love is a must have on your playlist.

3. “Cheek to Cheek”, by Frank Sinatra

This song was originally written by Irving Berlin for a film starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This version, sung by none other than Frank Sinatra, was released more than 20 years later. Never has a swing beat felt so smooth. Pull your lover close and let Ol’ Blue Eyes swing you away to heaven.

4. “Moondance”, by Michael Bublé

With this song, Michael Bublé turns up the heat. Perhaps the most passionate song on this list, it will leave no doubt in your lover’s mind as to the depth of your feelings. Just be careful not to lose the beat as you get lost in each other!

5. “Bei Mir Bist Du Schön”, by Janis Siegel

Janis Siegel brings us yet another romantic swing classic. The dynamic tempo of this song makes it one of the most exciting swing songs to dance to. It is slow and sultry at points, fast and fiery at others. If you love finding new ways to express your love, this is the perfect song for you. The title phrase is German and translates to “to me, you are beautiful.”

6. “All of Me”,  by Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong has one of the most distinct swing styles. He brings classic jazz elements such as scatting and ad-libbing to this song. It’s upbeat and catchy, but the fun of the piece can’t disguise the genuine longing that oozes from every note he sings.

7. “Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart”, by Pearl Bailey

Pearl Bailey, like Louis Armstrong, has an indisputable gift for ad-libbing which adds a dash of humor to every song she sings. The rich warmth of her voice as she describes what it feels like to love someone makes this song so personal. Tenderness and charm are found here in abundance.

8. “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)”, by Natalie Cole

This song could well be the theme song of almost every romantic comedy ever made. Natalie Cole once again outdoes herself to bring us this masterpiece of giddy happiness mixed with the certainty of a happy ending. This song sounds upbeat, but the beat is actually slow, which makes it even more romantic.  Draw your lover close and celebrate the joy of your love! 

9. “Incredible”, by Gary Barlow

This song is brand new on the swing scene. Gary Barlow released it just in 2020, but it fits perfectly alongside the greatest songs of the big band era. It’s fast and fun, and will leave you laughing and breathless as you cling to each other. Romantic? Stunningly. 

10. “The Way You Look Tonight”, by Maroon 5

This is the quintessential love song, perhaps the most romantic of all time. Vocalist Adam Levine delivers a fabulous rendition of a beautiful classic. It is slower, so keep your lover on their toes by incorporating lots of twirls and dips. See if you can dance close enough to whisper your love in their ear. It doesn’t get more romantic than this. 

Swing dancing already combines old-fashioned class with buckets of humor and sass. Add a dash of romance with these songs and create a memory you and your partner will cherish forever. Whatever the occasion—a romantic date night, an extra special Valentine’s Day, or even the first dance at your wedding—these songs will kindle your love!

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